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4100 Series Instrumentation Ball Valves

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The 4100 Series multi-ported four and five way instrumentation ball valves with Double O-ring stem seal provide 20,000 performance cycles without leakage. Valves are designed to enable you to direct a number of flows through a single valve with working pressures up to 2,000 p.s.i.g. Constructed with our standard click mechanism to assure proper port selection by sound and touch without looking at the valve. Applications include manifold switching, pressure selecting and venting, instrumentation test equipment, media sampling and distribution systems.

Item #

Female Pipe Threads

4100BV-2 1/8FPT AII Ports
4100BV-4 1/4FPT AII Ports
4100BV-6 3/8FPT All Ports
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