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SS68FL Male Flare Connector

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The SS Range of inch-size push-in fittings is offered for tube sizes 1/4" O.D. to 3/8" O.D. The fittings have been especially designed to provide extra grip on stainless steel, and other polished metal tubing. The SS range of fittings feature a collet with integrally molded stainless steel teeth similar to our standard PQ design, but incorporating an additional hand-operated nut and wedge shaped plastic washer to apply extra pressure to the collet and double 'O' ring seals. This ensures that the collet teeth bite thoroughly into the tube to provide grip, while at the same time compressing the 'O' rings to further enhance sealing. These SS fittings are suitable for potable liquids and other food quality applications.

45° Flare

Item #

O.D. SS Tube to Male Flare

SS68FL-54 5/16 x 1/4
SS68FL-56 5/16 x 3/8
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