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170C Sealed Valve

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The 170C and m670C series valves are designed to operate in systems where instantaneous off-on operation is desired. These valves have a solid bottom and are o-ring sealed. The o-ring seal, unlike packings, requires no maintenance. This construction assures maximum protection against hazard or damage created by leakage to atmosphere. The lapped brass body and plug stay together throughout manufacture. Their mating gives the best possible seal for shut-off.

170C Series
The 170C series valves are generally recommended for operation in gasoline, oil, kerosene, LP gas, gas-air mixtures and air systems from -40° to 250°F. The maximum operating pressure in 30 p.s.i.g. this valve, standard with pointer lever, rotates 90° from full off to full on. 360° rotation allows the valve to be opened or closed clockwise or counter-clockwise, right or left hand operation.

Item #

Female Pipe To Male Pipe

170C-2 1/8
170C-4 1/4
170C-6 3/8


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